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Commercial Property Insurance in Washington

Commercial Property Insurance in Washington, Arizona, California, Idaho, and Oregon.

Durney Insurance Inc. is an independent insurance agency located in Washington. We provide high-quality commercial property insurance coverage to our communities in Washington and to residents in Arizona, California, Idaho, and Oregon.

Commercial Property Insurance Washington

Learn More About Commercial Property Insurance in Washington

What is commercial property insurance?

Purchasing a building or land is a major investment, and it’s important to protect the investment. Commercial property insurance can play a critical role in helping businesses protect buildings in Washington that they’ve purchased.

Commercial property insurance provides customizable coverage for buildings, land and other assets. Policies can protect property against a wide variety of perils.

Commercial Property Insurance Washington
Commercial Property Insurance Washington

Business property insurance is recommended for most commercial properties in Washington. Businesses may want coverage for buildings, undeveloped land, equipment and even inventory.

In cases where buildings, land, equipment or inventory is financed, coverage may be compulsory. Many lenders require that any assets they underwrite financing for are insured.

Of course, it’s broadly recommended to insure buildings and other major assets regardless of whether there’s a lender requirement. Few businesses could afford to rebuild or replace a major asset, without incurring major financial difficulties.

Most buildings, land and other assets that businesses own can be covered by business property insurance. Policies are normally available for:

  • Restaurants and cafes
  • Retail stores
  • Office buildings
  • Manufacturing facilities
  • Warehouses
  • Self-storage facilities
  • Agricultural buildings
  • Schools and hospitals
  • Multi-unit residential properties
  • Certain undeveloped land

There are still many other buildings that can be insured with this type of policy. These are merely a few examples.

Depending on he type of property that needs protection, there are a few different business property coverages that businesses might get:

  • Building Coverage: May cover the primary structure on an insured property, and often any additional structures on the property.
  • Contents Coverage: May cover movable items at the insured property, whether kept inside or outside of a building. Examples of items that might be covered include equipment, inventory, furniture, appliances, computers and decor.
  • Exterior Signs Coverage: May cover detached outdoor signs not physically connected to the main building. This sometimes isn’t necessary if a policy’s building coverage already extends to detached signs.
  • Tenant Improvements Coverage: May cover modifications and enhancements made by tenants to a leased commercial space.

Commercial property policies primarily focus on insuring physical assets, and typically don’t themselves have liability protections. Separate commercial liability policies are available for these protections.

An insurance agent who’s familiar with commercial property policies can undoubtedly assist with commercial liability policies, too.

The focus of commercial property policies on physical assets usually doesn’t extend to digital assets. Instead, digital assets normally have to be covered by cyber insurance.

For instance, a commercial property policy might cover the physical servers and computers that a business has. Anything on those servers or computers is unlikely to be covered by commercial property, though.

Most commercial property policies restrict contents coverage to when items are at a business’s facility or location. For coverage when items are taken elsewhere, businesses typically need builders risk, inland marine or another coverage.

In most cases, businesses with multiple locations in Washington can easily cover their locations with a single commercial property policy. An insurance agent who specializes in business property insurance can assist with finding a policy that offers multi-site coverage.

The cost of insuring a commercial building varies, depending on factors such as location, size, construction, any security systems, and any fire suppression systems. 

To find out how much a specific building will cost to insure, businesses can compare policies from various insurance companies with the aid of an independent agent.

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Where can businesses get commercial property insurance for their buildings?

If you need help insuring a building, land or equipment that’s in Washington, contact the independent insurance agents at Durney Insurance. Our agents will make sure that your property is well protected with commercial property insurance.

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